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 Preformed power line fittings 

1. Preformed tension clamp/preformed deadend grip/Guy grip deadend clamp.
Preformed deadend grip has many types, it normally used as assembly of transimition
line bare conductor and covered conductors. It can replace the current bolt type clamps and compression type deadend strain clamp. Preformed tension clamp is usually made of aluminum clad steel, aluminum alloy, copper covered steel and galvalnized steel. Preformed deadend grip has firm preformed parts and can provide enough grip strength to ACSR, AAC, AAAC, copper conductor and steel wire and have bigger suitable conductor size.
According to function and applicable area, it can be devided into:
Preformed conductor tension clamps/deadend grip
Preformed grounding wire tension clamp/deadend grip
Preformed guy wire tension clamp/deadend grip/guy grip deadend clamp/pole top make off
Normally the preformed tension clamps will be assembled with thimble, thimble clavis,
adjustable stay rod, adjustable guy clamp and insulators.
Types and specification can contact with Orient Power. preformed guy grip

2. Preformed suspension clamp/preformed armor grip suspension clamp

Preformed armor grip suspension clamp have the similar function as normal suspension
clamp. It is used as the suspension of conductor and grounding wire, but preformed suspension clamps can not only pretect the conductors but also reduce corona discharge greatly because of its smooth appearance. So It is specially suitable for high voltage over 220KV lines. Preformed armor grip suspension clamp is designed to reduce the static and dynamic stresses at the support point and is superior to armor + clamp combinations for prtectiong conductors from bending, compression stress and abrasion.

In addition the armor grip suspension double assembly is suitable for long transimission line over river and big line angle between 30 and 60
Material: Aluminum clad  steel wire or galvalnized steel wire.
According to function and applicable area, it can be devided into:
Preformed conductor suspension clamp
Preformed grounding wire armor grip suspension clamp
Preformed armor grip suspension single assembly
Preformed armor grip suspension double assembly
preformed suspension clampPreformed suspension clamps are
 composed by preformed wire, rubber pad, metal sheath, fixed blade, bolt nut and washers. Normally the preformed armor grip suspension clamps will be assembled with socket clevis, link plate and other clevis.

Types and specification can contact Orient Power.

3. Preformed strand splices/preformed splicing fitting
Preformed strand splices are used to repair transmission conductor or wire. It has
better mechanical performance after splicing and can recover 100% original tension strength. Preformed splicing fitting can also provide excellent anti-corosion, good electrical conductivity, better fatigue characteristics and simple repair can avoid power off.

proformed splicing fitting

4. Preformed armod rod / preformed protect fitting/preformed armor rod for repairingPreformed armod rod
Preormed armod rods are used to pretect conductors to be free of abrasion, vibration,
clamp compression stress, arc-over and other damage. They can also use for repairing damaged conductors and protect branch lines. It is easy to install without training.
It narmally used with suspension clamps and conductors.


5. Spiral vibration damper
Spiral vibration damperSpiral vibration damper is usually installed on conductors and grounding wires to
reduce breeze vibration. It would not cause conductor stress concentration and avoid conductor abrasion, corrosion and arc-over.
Material: Solid polyvinyl chloride


6. Side tie for insulator/distribution ties for insulators
Side ties are used to secure conductors to the side groove of the insulators.
Distribution ties are used to secure conductors to the top groove of the insulators.

Side tie for insulator   distribution ties for insulators

7. Preformed OPGW fittings.
Types and specification can contact with Orient Power.




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