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 New developed or promoted power products 

Our company developed grey pin type and line post insulators used in American market and electrical power fittings used in African market.

In the recent years, America and Africa develop more transmission lines and have a quantity requirement of insulators and power fittings. Our company, as the insulator and power products manufacturer has developed more new products aimed at these countries.

The following are the products we developed, promoted or recommended:

grey line post insulatorgrey pin type insulator

grey color ceramic pin type insulator with deep grooves; ANSI 55-3, 55-4, 55-5, 56-1

grey color ceramic line post insulator with small hardware and higher strength

used in America, Canada, South America; ANSI 57-1,57-2

brown line post insulator

brown line post insulator especially 11kv and 33kv porcelain line post insulator used in South Africa; EP472, EP480, EP1008, EP356... 

earth rodthimble clampsocket eye

earth rod and clamp, thimble, insulation piercing connector, U-shackle, ball clevis, socket eye, suspension clamps, strain clamps, staywire, pole top makeoff, guy grip, stay rod, eye nut, eye bolt, threaded rod, armor rod, cable tie, side tie, coach screw, bolt used in Africa market and other market...

DDT-3004, DDT-3005, DDT-3007, DDT-3010, DDT-3014...

preformed armor rod      preformed strain clamp

preformed power fittings, guy grip, preformed strain clamp

IEC suspension insulatorglass insulatorporcelain bushing

70KN porcelain disc suspension insulator

70KN, 100KN, 120KN glass insulator

hollow insulator or porcelain bushings for transformer and other power equipment

channel steel barangle steel bar

iron steel crossarm, angle bar, channel bar, angle steel, channel steel

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     High voltage power product

          Porcelain over line insulator
          Ceramic station post insulator
          Porcelain bushing insulator
          Silicone rubber insulator
          HDPE insulators
          Railway insulators
          preformed fittings
          Electrical power fitting
          Promoted power products





  HDPE insulators are 100% recyclable and our HDPE insulators can replace porcelain pin insulators, already pass the design tests in the international lab.
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  We develope grey glaze pin type and line post insulators and power fittings used in American and brown insulator in African market.
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  As a high voltage insulator supplier and service support, since the last year contribution to exports, the municipal government awarded us the Outstanding Contribution Award, encouraged us to make greater contribution.
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