Bird Pecking & Shed Tearing for composite insulator
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Bird pecking damage to composite insulators by species such as magpies and vultures has affected only a few new lines in China and occurred mainly before energization. Such damage has mostly impacted V strings and was independent of insulator color. Utilities have not been sure how to best to deal with this problem but experience has shown that, fortunately, birds prefer not to remain long in areas with high electric field. Tearing of polymeric sheds due to extremely strong winds is another sporadic problem that has been reported but is limited to only a few geographic areas.

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The simplest way to limit bird pecking damage for composite insulator may be to build and energize lines in affected areas before periods such as autumn when there are not enough nearby food sources for birds. Also, more attention should be placed on insulator configuration to limit opportunities for bird to land and start to peck. Some manufacturers have already developed rigid shed materials to deal with the problem of pecking and tearing and these are another viable solution.

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