Pole line insulators
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Pole line insulators usually have six types in common, such as pin insulator, suspension insulator, shackle insulator, strain insulator and porcelain cross arm insulator.

Pin insulator and shackle insulator are belonging to low voltage lines with Pole line insulators

Pin insulator mainly used for pole tower or angle tower of small corner to support conductor, it can be divided into high and low voltage.

Porcelain parts of Post insulator mounted within the iron boots base, from the "ironclad porcelain" and outer pouring mounting structure. But when we used it in the practice, the Erection of wire rod straight corner angle is not too large.

Post insulator mainly used for overhead distribution lines Tension rod, generally low-voltage lines hanging-insulator using a suspension wire, 10kV lines will used the insulator composed by two insulator strings to hanging lines

Pole line insulators are one common insulators in our daily life.


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