Our company increases technical assistance, full contract package purchase service and purchase agent service
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by Orient Company

Oct. 5, 2008

Now more and more customers get the contract of a whole package, such as including insulators, power fittings, power equipment, towers and so on, but these products cannot been purchased at one factory. There are a lot of power product factories with different quality level and different prices and this always makes the customer confused.

To give the customer more service, we increase full package of product purchase. we also provide whole project contract service. We represent products of our co-operating factories covering cables and accessories, conductors, steel towers and steel construction. We have experts on these products in cooperating design, production and testing and each product will be under our full control.

These products can be purchased with the products made by our factory. Our factory main product scope is porcelain insulators, silicon rubber insulators, porcelain bushings, power fittings for power transmission lines and substations. In addition to providing products according to our own design, we also provide our superior technical assistance to our customers to develop new products according to various needs of them.

We can also represent the customer as their purchase agent in China by our several year experience in this industry, we will help the customer to get the quality product at lower prices and responsible for the quality control.

We welcome clients at home and abroad cooperating with us. In the aim of high quality, our company has been centering on customers, and offering best products and comfortable service for you.

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         High voltage power product

              Ceramic over line insulator
              Ceramic station post insulator
              Porcelain bushing insulator
              Silicone rubber insulator
              Polymeric pin insulators
              preformed fittings
              Electrical metal fitting
              Promoted power products



      As a Chinese power supplier, we increase technical assistance and whole package purchase agent service to foreign company.
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      We develope grey glaze pin type and line post insulators and power fittings used in American and brown insulator in African market.
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      As a high voltage insulator supplier and service support, since the last year contribution to exports, the municipal government awarded us the Outstanding Contribution Award, encouraged us to make greater contribution.
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