Our company provides charity help when Sichuan earthquaked and financially aids poor students
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dated June, 6, 2008

The whole world is saddened by the aftermath and death toll from a 8-magnitude earthquake which happened on May 12, 2008 in central China. Each Chinese is sad about this and everyone give their hand to Sichuan people. The staff and workers in our company voluntarily donate money and staff to help people who are suffering from China’s worst earthquake in the past three decades.

Chinese officials have said that the death toll from the catastrophe has now risen to over 41,000. Over 230,000 people were injured.

Along with the many accounts of suffering and loss, there have been a few amazing stories of survival. According to the State Council over 32,000 people are missing in the quake area.

The rescue workers’ attention is now turning towards the recovery of bodies from the rubble and providing food, shelter and drinking water for the survivors. But the relief operation has been hampered by a series of aftershocks, the strongest measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale.


The living level of Chinese people is improved much, but there are still many students in poor mountain area cannot go to school as a result of poverty. Our company understand the Situation and contact Dalian Charity Federation for an annual contribution of several poor students to help them complete their studies.

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